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Life Insurance with No Physical Exam for Oregonians

Oregon No-Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes and Applications

Welcome to Oregon Term Broker's No-medical exam life insurance page. No-exam life insurance is affordable and offered by several A-rated major carriers. Call us today at 503-828-1970 for expert and friendly help with your life insurance.

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Oregon Life Insurance That Does Not Require A Physical Exam

In Oregon, there are several life insurance carriers offering life insurance that does not require a medical exam. Policies like these are often called "simplified issue" life insurance and can be issued after a quick electronic application with 7 health questions asking about major illnesses and hospitalizations. If you can answer no to all the questions (Most people can), the policy will be issued in 24 hours after a quick and completely electronic medical claims history check. Certain stipulations apply, such as having seen a doctor in the past 5 years for certain companies and certain age categories, and I can answer any of those questions for you so that you get approved. Typically, rates for policies like this are very close to "Standard" Ratings from major companies that require a full physical. This price similarity has gradually increased over the past ten years as data gets better. For many people, the rates you can get without the exam are so close to the rates you could get with a physical that purchasing simplified issue is a no brainer unless you want more than a million in coverage.

Oregon term life insurance policies with simplified issue underwriting do not require a medical exam and can often be started the same day that you choose to purchase the coverage. These policies are great if you can’t stand going to the doctor, want the life insurance instantly, or have a condition that may prevent you from getting traditional coverage.

No Medical exam Life Insurance Prices in Oregon

Life Insurance that doesn't require a physical exam costs more than "Preferred" rates available from fully underwritten coverage, however it is not much more expensive than the "Standard" Fully Underwritten rates that most people get. Since the insurance company doesn’t know your exact health condition they take on a little more risk and so the rates are a little bit higher.

Oftentimes no medical exam life insurance in Oregon will cost more than a policy that does require a medical exam. With this in mind, several strategies should be used when shopping for a no exam life insurance policy. The simplest is to just buy the insurance with no exam and be done shopping. The least expensive is to lock in the rate on the no-physical insurance, and then apply for coverage that does require an exam, and then keep whichever policy will give you the best deal. If you do well on the medical exam, cancel the non-medical insurance. If you do horrible, the previously purchased insurance cannot be changed or taken away.

How Oregonians Can Get Life Insurance With No Exam Required

Non-medical exam life insurance comes in two types: Simplified Issue Life Insurance and Guaranteed issue. Neither of these policies will require a medical exam and you won’t have blood drawn. To buy No Exam Life Insurance all you have to do is fill out the application and answer a few health related questions. If you answer no to the health questions then you get approved for the life insurance after the company verifies your answers with a quick electronic medical claims history check.

How to get the Best Deal on No Exam Life Insurance in Oregon

If you need insurance fast and are in reasonably good health, then purchase a simplified issue insurance policy at the same time that you apply for a traditional, fully underwritten life insurance policy. The simplified issue policy will give you coverage immediately and can be canceled if you do well on the medical exam for the fully underwritten policy. If you don’t do well on the medical exam, you will have the simplified issue policy locked in at the rate you purchased it for and that life insurance cannot be taken away.

Simplified Issue No Medical Exam Life Insurance companies doing business in Oregon:


National Life Group

Fidelity Life


How Long will it take to get approved?

Instant Approval

Typically 24 hours

One day

Does my Doctor need to send my Medical Records?

No medical files are needed from your doctor

No medical files are needed from your doctor

No medical files are needed from your doctor

Do I have to meet with an agent?

No, quotes and applications are reviewed online and submitted over the telephone quickly and easily.

No, quotes and applications are reviewed online and submitted over the telephone quickly and easily.

No, quotes and applications are reviewed online and submitted over the telephone quickly and easily.

What sort of paperwork do I have to fill out?


None, all applications are electronically began and completed by a Fidelity Life representative.


Available Face Amounts of Coverage

$25,000 - $350,000

Up to $300,000

Up to $399,999


Fidelity “Rapid Decision” Term Life Insurance Product Features

Fidelity Life Non Medical

Fidelity Life’s Rapid Decision term Life Insurance provides coverage within 24 hours to approved applicants with no medical exam required.

  •          Face Amounts up to $300,000 available. Level Death benefits up to age 95
  •          Level Premiums Guaranteed for premium terms of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years
  •          Policy can be converted to permanent life insurance at any time during the first 10 policy years or age 65, whichever comes first

Sagicor Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance

Sagicor Life Insurance No Medical Exam

  • Issuable from Age 18-65
  • Benefits amounts from $50,000 up to $399,999 available
  • 5 Risk Categories
  • 7 Health questions
  • No Medical Exams, No Blood Draws, no Medical Records Required

National Life Group Insurance and Life Insurance of the Southwest

National Life Group Life Insurance

  • Can Be issued from age 18 to 60
  • 10, 15, 20 and 30 year terms available
  • Tobacco users can apply



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