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Welcome to Oregon Term Broker. Our team can help you with term and permanent life insurance from all of the major life insurers. We work with all A-rated life insurers like Lincoln Financial, Banner Life, Fidelity, ING, AIG, Genworth, TransAmerica, and many others.

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Are you in Oregon and shopping online for life insurance quotes? Not quite sure which life insurance company to apply with or which life insurance policy to choose? Oregon Term Life Insurance Broker David Taxer will assist you.

You can review life insurance quotes from all the top companies through our website and if you have questions or would like to apply then call my direct line and I will assist you with medical underwriting, selecting a policy and face amount, and applying. Some plans do not require a medical exam at all, and for those that do we'll schedule it together over the phone.

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Tips for Shopping for Life Insurance Quotes Online

  • You can compare life insurance quotes and even apply for life insurance through our website. 
  • Some term life insurance policies do not require a medical exam and can be purchased instantly.
  • Call our office at 503-828-1970 for help with the medical underwriting or applying for life insurance. Oregon Term Broker David Taxer will assist you.
  • It is smart to purchase a policy that does not require a medical exam before applying for a fully underwritten policy that does require a physical. If you pass the physical, keep the fully underwritten life insurance. If you do horrible, the other policy 
  • Different insurance carriers have different underwriting guidelines for things like smoking, taking prescriptions, etc.
  • Most life insurance questions can be easily answered after asking a few basic health questions and discussing your needs.


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When you purchase life insurance, you need a policy that fits your needs and doesn't cost too much. The first step is to decide how
much life insurance coverage you need, what you can afford to pay, and the type of life policy that fits your coverage goals. and budget.

After that, you are ready to shop online for life insurance quotes

Life Insurance fills the following needs:

  • Life insurance provides family protection by providing financial security to the surviving family members upon the death of the insured person or people.
  • Life Insurance can cover a particular debt such as paying off a mortgage or other held consumer debt upon the insured’s death.
  • Key Man (or woman) Insurance will compensate a company upon the death of a VIP to provide the surviving partner(s) the resources to purchase the deceased partner’s portion of the business.
  • Life Insurance will provide the funds to pay the estate taxes or other final expenses needed to settle your estate.
  • To provide the necessary funds for the deceased's burial expenses. 
  • Permanent Life Insurance accumulates tax deferred funds to supplement retirement income.


Selecting the right amount of life insurance requires a realistic look at your finances, our debts, the size of your family and their ages, and your significant other's ability to continue raising your family without your income.

  • You should select a death benefit large enough to meet the needs you are trying to satisfy. The question to ask yourself is how much money will my survivors need if I am gone.
  • This can vary depending on whether the intent of your life insurance shopping is to pay off your mortgage, put your kids through school, or buy out your share of a business.
  • The federal government generally recommends 6-10x your annual income as recommended coverage for families.
  • The simplest question to ask yourself is how long do I want my survivors to be able to go without having to make any changes to their life and lifestyle if the unthinkable happens. Most people do not want to move on quickly after losing a spouse or parent. Beginning a job search or taking on extra hours to make up for your lost income may be impractical or impossible. Consider that when you are shopping. You are planning your loved one's strategy for recovering from the crisis of losing you.



There are two primary types of life insurance, term insurance and permanent insurance that accumulates a cash calue. Within these two types of life insurance there are many variations available. 

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Policies provide coverage for a set amount of time with locked in rates for the entire term, which is what most people need. These policies are the most cost effective ways to protect your family from financial ruin while they depend on you for support. Term Life Insurance Policies like these provide benefits upon death of the insured and do not accumulate a “cash value” like permanent insurance. If you only need life insurance specific period of time then you will be able to get more life insurance coverage by purchasing term life insurance instead of purchasing cash value insurance. Remember that the cost of term insurance is higher for older people, so for lifetime coverage permanent life insurance may be less expensive in the long run.  

Some term life insurance policies can be converted to permanent cash value insurance without a medical exam. Your premium will likely be higher than before but you will be able to keep the coverage for the rest of your life. Cash-Value insurance gives you a death benefit and also accumulates a cash value that features tax free growth. In certain cases these sorts of policies offer advantages as very safe and low risk investments, however most people just need term insurance. 

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance (aka traditional permanent life insurance) has guaranteed level premiums and death benefits as well as a guaranteed minimum growth rate for funds that have accumulated within the policy. Many whole life policies offer higher interest rates that match the performance of the stock market or other indexes.

Universal Life

Universal Life differs  from whole life insurance by giving the policy owner the flexibility to change the amount and timing of premium payments and the death benefits. Cash values accumulate by adding your premium and earned ineterest into a fund from which the cost of your insurance is deducted. The interest rates of growth are specified in the policy contract. Generally you can choose to accept the guaranteed minmum rate or have your growth track the performance of the insurance company's investments. Universal Life Insurance is the most flexible coverage since it can be be used for the intention of cash value accumulation or a high, permanent death benefit.

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